A trip down memory lane…

When we bought our 1926 colonial in 2007, we thought the very first thing we’d work on was the kitchen. It had to go. Terrible and oddly routed cabinets, hardworking appliances from 1982, and countertops that were installed in 1968. Clearly, everything must go.

Maybe not. After we painted cabinets, installed prefab counters, replaced the fridge, scored a hand me down range, replaced 2 dishwashers, had 2 kids, and realized we were 8 years in, we finally were ready to move forward on the kitchen we really wanted. But first – a look at where we’ve been.

2 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane…

  1. stephaniesearspeterson says:

    I should come up with some recipes that don’t require any work and that are not considered take out. Hmmmm. I’m already sick of going out to eat – so we picked out salads from the grocery store deli. The kids were good enough to choose fruit and I think the piece of pineapple I swiped off of Cooper’s plate was the best thing I’ve tasted in a week!


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