Week 1: Demolition

Demolition began on January 19 at 7:30 in the morning. Bob the Builder came by with his friend Scotty, said good morning, and then started moving things in. By the time I dropped the kids off, I walked into the house to this…

As the day progressed, it became pretty exciting. Cabinets were gone! That wall must go! No frame around a window! By the end of the day, there were wires hanging from the ceiling, enough debris to fill up a dumpster, and the start of a endless internal dust storm. But wow – things were happening. This demo just got real.

The rest of the week worked equally fast. Electricians cutting up the ceiling, pulling out the old knob and tube and replacing with updated wire that actually meets code. Plumber replacing and properly venting the sink. Nothing like discovering that the odd smell in the kitchen wasn’t a diaper – it was improper venting. Fantastic…and fixed. Then the drywall guys come in and start putting it all back together again. By the end of the week, we had gone from to the bare plaster to something resembling a room. They even repaired some of the cracks in our own plaster ceiling, recoated it, and left it to dry….at which point we started lightly brushing off some of the finish, because in a old house, the ceiling can’t be TOO perfect, can it?

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