End of Week 2: From the Floor Up

It’s funny how the demolition is so fast and the build up is so slow. This week marks two major events in the remodel – floor repair and wall painting. Our floor guy is the most patient person on the plant…and according to our neighbor, a “true artisan” when it comes to hardwood floors. That’s great news, because our repair certainly needed it. He pried up the floor piece by piece to fill in where the wall was and is “feathering out” the stain to match. Don’t let the pictures fool you – it doesn’t match yet. But it will after his visit next week. The open space in the floor is where the island is going to go, so that was a bit of a break for us – and the budget. At this point, I’m counting every plank! One of my favorite photos is from the corner – you can see the finished floor, unfinished floor, and repair in one frame.

Step two was painting. We’ve started with the wall color, and of course I’m starting to have doubts. I was so confident of the palette choice this time….but also must confess that I don’t have a great record of paint color in the dining and kitchen. I nailed the colors for everywhere else in the house, but we’ve painted the dining/kitchen area at least 3 times. This is all about compromise – I would love nothing more than a bright, airy, classic black and white kitchen, but Jeff thinks that gets a little boring. So seeking a color that works for us both is the challenge. We have Sherwin Williams in Poolhouse in the living room, White Raisin (yellow) in the entry/hallway, and we’re experimenting with Beach House in the kitchen/dining area. A little lighter than our last color; I’m hoping it will bring some warmth to the white cabinetry. Clearly with Poolhouse and Beach House, I’m thinking of something far more pleasant that Minnesota in January. Spring break trip, anyone?

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