Week 3: Cabinets

This was a big week. I practically squealed with glee when Bob the Builder left a message that the cabinets would be installed a day early – the same day our shiny new range would be delivered. And Amazon was delivering our faucet! THREE things in one day! After a few days of little to no activity, I could barely contain my excitement. (To be honest, I didn’t.)

To my readers…family, friends, awesome aunts, a friend of my mom…I know this is really all about the pictures, so I’ll just get to it. To provide a little context, I’ll include some before and after pictures to give you a sense of the changes. I told Jeff that this was going to have a significant impact on the way our family functioned. I received a well-deserved eye roll for that one.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled with the activity. More good stuff to come – our adventures in soapstone will be next. Keep checking the blog for my weekend update. I promise it will be funnier than what’s happening with SNL weekend update. Soon to be anchored by Brian Williams. Ha!

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