Start of Week 4: When Delivering Bad News, Always Have Good News

I can tell that Bob the Builder has been in the business for a while. When I mention things in passing, he files them away until the time is right. Things like “when will we be able to move the appliances out of the living room?” and “we can’t wait to see the vent installed” and “wow, this looks great. Will it be done tomorrow?” (That last one was a joke, but I still said it. Out loud.)

When I ran home around lunchtime to grab the pink eye medicine for my kiddo, Todd the floor artisan was there and Bob was pulling up with a friend. It was snowing out, so I’m sure that Todd was thrilled there were three people walking in with slushy boots as he was painting the floor with a water based poly. (Yeah – I’m throwing around industry words now.)  Regardless, I was pretty happy to hear that electricians were coming that afternoon and the vent was going up! In fact, I was so happy about it I forgot to ask if we had a date for countertop installation yet. Silly me. Until Jeff texted about it, eager for news, mid afternoon. So of course, I texted Bob.

20 minutes later, I get the news. Countertop installation on February 19. More than a week away. 9 days. I could calculate the hours, but that’s a bit extreme. But Bob knew how to keep us focused on the goal – because he solved a few other problems. Like the fridge standing alone. And an installed vent. And enough electric that Jeff was inspired to haul the beverage fridge upstairs. It’s not plugged in yet, but man, it looks good. So even with the sad news of a longer wait for the countertops than we hoped, we’re still moving forward. So here’s a peek where we are!

2 thoughts on “Start of Week 4: When Delivering Bad News, Always Have Good News

    • stephanie peterson says:

      I’m having fun with the blog – and excited to get to the cookbook reviews. Of course Jeff did the good news/bad news approach last night….he said that I had a great writing style and it was fun to read….and then asked if the cookbook reviews would mean I’d force everyone to eat Mexican everyday for a week.


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