End of Week 5: Not Finished, But We’re Moving In

Now that the countertops are in, now we can finish what I’ve been REALLY waiting for – plumbing. The sink! The faucet. And water. Wonderful, wonderful water. After 5 weeks with no water in the kitchen, I’m grateful for the sink and won’t take it for granted again. I’ve actually been tinkering around with the idea of putting up a blingy, sparkly type pendent light above it, but that just may be the excitement talking. Having water means that I can actually COOK.  I haven’t gone to the grocery store to restock yet, but Jeff went to the store Saturday morning to pick up eggs, milk, cheese, and fruit. I had originally thought that my first meal in the kitchen would be something impressive – maybe some flaming cherries jubilee, a 30 ingredient stir fry, beef wellington – something that announced “we’re back!” But there was something comforting and delicious about scrambled eggs. We basically ate standing up around the island, with music, cups of milk, plastic plates, and real silverware as we giggled and laughed together as a family, enjoying the novelty of newness. Of course it involved spilled milk, but I’m not going to worry about that. I would have had some fruit on my plate, but the kids got to it first. Let the moving begin!

Next step: backsplash and lights.

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