The High Energy Cookbook

I picked up this one when I was working at Williams-Sonoma as a side job. Actually, I was sortof paying them to work. Slave to the discount. But I smile about my 5 years there everytime I take out one of my All Clad pans. Buying all my cookware on the WS discount in my late 20s was probably one of my better decisions during that decade.

But back to the cookbook. Overall, I liked the concept. When I bought it, I was trying to lose some weight but didn’t want to go “full on diet” so I thought this would be a good fit. Healthy recipes, beautiful photos, a really clean layout, and fairly simple. This was exactly where I was at in 2004.

I’ve made a few things out of the cookbook, so I’ve brought two of my favorites back but am making a few new ones as well. And I’ve learned a few things right out of the gate.

The Recipes
Beef and Tomato Gratin
Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara
Stilton Steaks with Sweet Potato and Garlic Mash
Grilled Salmon, Spinach, and Tomato Stack
Roasted Vegetables
Tuscan Salad Continue reading

End of Week 8: Tile and The Problem

The tile came in – and installation began 2 days early! That was pretty thrilling. Two weeks ago we repainted the walls¬†based on the tile recommendations of Karen, the Tile Guru. She was nice enough to come to our house to “get a feel” before helping us find the right tile, and I appreciate that kind of effort. Of course, she was right – the Chelsea Gray is perfect, so we’ve been pretty pumped to see the tile. And….pre-grout, it is beautiful.¬† Continue reading

End of Week 7: Lighting

I’ve been pretty boastful about our deals on Amazon for the kitchen – after all, we’ve ordered a dishwasher, sink, faucet, and range vent with brilliant Prime delivery. So I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to order off of Houzz. Considering how much time I’ve spent collecting kitchen ideas and skipping the cost of an actual designer, I could at least throw a few retail dollars their way. Share the love? Continue reading

Start of Week 7: Still waiting and CFM drama

We’re in a holding pattern with the kitchen. We’ve picked out the tile, ordered the lights, and now we’re just waiting. The good news is that we’re finished painting and the kitchen is in heavy use, but it will be pretty great to get things finished off. While we’re waiting, we get to experience the next city inspection visit.

CFMs make me crazy. Continue reading