End of Week 7: Lighting

I’ve been pretty boastful about our deals on Amazon for the kitchen – after all, we’ve ordered a dishwasher, sink, faucet, and range vent with brilliant Prime delivery. So I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to order off of Houzz. Considering how much time I’ve spent collecting kitchen ideas and skipping the cost of an actual designer, I could at least throw a few retail dollars their way. Share the love?

We’ve opted for schoolhouse lights for our island – and we want a black finish. That should set off alarm bells right there – apparently black finish now is the brass finish for the 80s. (Buyer beware – apparently brass is making a comeback. But not in this house.) We have cast iron curtain rods and a blackish finish on our other main floor fixtures, so we’re trying to maintain some consistency. And since the kitchen is white, grey, and blackish/charcoal, black stemmed schoolhouse lights will be cool. So I start looking at oil rubbed bronze. In its classic form, oil rubbed bronze is practically black. In fact, our blackish finish is actually oil rubbed bronze. But this is a tricky finish because different brands have different finishes. Oil rubbed bronze can range from almost black to definitely brown with gold edges. The definitely brown with gold edges is what I particularly hate. It just doesn’t work for me. And since I know this, I troll the internet with eagle eyes. I zoom in on images. I call customer service. I quiz the local lighting providers. It turned out that Houzz had a vendor that had the lights I was looking for in the right size at the right price. I must have stared at the images for an hour. Zoomed in, looked for evidence of gold rubbed finish……and nothing. It looked like a classic oil rubbed bronze. Heritage Bronze, in fact. It just screams classic old. So I felt good about the order and eagerly awaited delivery. In the meantime, I picked out some bling for the over the sink light. I just like the idea of some sparkle over the kitchen workhouse. I’ll listen to ABBA and KC while doing dishes.


So the lights come in – and I can’t wait to open the box. Of course, it’s my worst nightmare. Definitely brown. With with rubbed gold edges.

Not for me. So the return dance begins. I decide to contest the restocking fee – after all, if the image was right, I wouldn’t have a problem. While it took about 7 working days to confirm the deal, the restocking fee was waived and I received a full refund. Houzz provided good customer service and that was appreciated. But I still didn’t have lights. So I ordered the lights from where I should have done it in the first place – Schoolhouse Electric. This may be my new favorite online store. Period lighting and stuff that makes you feel cooler than you actually are. My kind of shopping! Now, I just have to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. Fill up the sink and crank up “Take a Chance On Me……” 


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