Where’s the beef?

In my freezer. 200 pounds of it. I have a good friend who is interested in supporting local producers and asked who would be in for sharing a cow. Four families jumped in, sharing 800 pounds of grass fed, local beef for our grills this summer. I knew we’d have some meat for the freezer, but I wasn’t fully anticipating the mass of 200 pounds. Of course it arrived the week I was in Kansas, so Jeff threw it in the freezer and we organized it when I arrived home.

This is what the freezer looked like.

This is what the freezer looked like….what was left after the meat filled up the rest.

Jeff was inspired to vacuum pack the meat, so we’ve joined the food saver revolution. I’m still laughing about the support he received at Farm and Fleet during the purchase – the sales clerk, the lady behind him, and a roaming sales manager all agreed that they LOVED their food saver! One romantic Saturday night later, we’ve sealed up all the steaks, short ribs, roasts, and hamburger a carnivore could dream of. Needless to say, this will add an additional challenge with my 99cookbooks goal – the number of beef ready recipes will be at a premium! If you have any favorite beef recipes, drop me a line. I’m going to need more than 99hamburgers to move through this freezer.

For a great Saturday night, consider sealing up frozen steaks. Bringing the romance, every time.

For a great Saturday night, consider sealing up frozen steaks.

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