July Stitch Fix

I’ve been with Stitch Fix for a year now – and I love it. I’ve never been much of a shopper, I hate searching racks, and I constantly fight buyers remorse. I can’t tell you how many times something looked great in the dressing room but once I got home, I wondered if I had been drinking when I bought it. That was BEFORE kids. Children add a completely different dimension to shopping. I adopted a power shopping model – I’d run out over my lunch hour or before I picked them up from daycare, grab stuff off the racks, try on fast, buy even faster – and then pray that I made good choices. The reality was that while I knew I could return things, it meant ANOTHER trip to the store – something I probably wouldn’t follow through with. And truth be told, my style sense has never been that great anyway. So Stitch Fix provided me a great solution. If you’re not familiar, it’s pretty simple – you log into the site, complete the style survey, provide basic sizes, set your price ranges, and schedule the fix. That simple. It’s like Netflix for clothes – only better, because in addition to the algorithm that knows what you like, a human stylist actually picks the 5 items that show up in the box. They send a card with styling options, add a little note about what they picked (that’s my favorite part!) and then you have 3 days to try the clothes on, match it with your closet, and decide what to keep and what to send back. Sending back is a breeze – a pre-addressed/stamped bag is in the box, so just seal and send.

Generally I spend my time reviewing cookbooks, but it’s fun to review my Stitch Fix box – shake my blog up a bit. I’ve had the same stylist for about 8 boxes and I have to say I look forward to it every month! So – what did this month bring me? I had asked for an easy summer bag, distressed boyfriend jeans, and some easy summer tops. What’s the verdict?
The bag was an immediate hit……with my daughter. She grabbed it out of the box, immediately put it on her shoulder, and ran to the mirror to pretend that she was a mom. She added it to her barbie playhouse under the table. It’s a little smaller than what I generally like for a bag, but it’s a cute shape, I don’t have anything in light blue, and it’s worth the memory of H going nuts over the purse.

The jeans – last month I had requested distressed jeans and my stylist sent a cute pair of jeans that didn’t work. I was looking for some jeans that had the cute distressed look but would still be comfortable/boyfriend type fit and have some “move” when I chased kids around this summer. I’m normally not at home full time with the kids, so I’m always surprised how much chasing happens in the summer. This month was a hit.

The shirts – three cute shirts to choose from. The polka dot tunic was a bit of stretch, but I really liked it on. I feel like I could be a cool art teacher or someone creative with it. So of course I kept it. I’ll wear it when I visit music and art classes in the fall. The blue cross shirt looks TERRIBLE on the hanger, but give it a chance – it’s the same flattering cut that wrap dresses have, only in a shirt form. I wore it to fireworks with a red necklace. And the navy, teal, and white striped shirt. Probably my least favorite of the bunch because it’s a bit transparent. Nothing a camisole won’t solve, but I don’t really like flimsy fabrics. But I decided to keep it because I like the fit and it would look great under a blazer/navy suit for work.

So – I opted to keep all 5 items in my box. When you do that – 25% discount from the box across the board. A little sales bribery there. This is ultimately the biggest drawback for the box – there are times that I’ve kept an item I wouldn’t normally keep, but it’s actually cheaper to keep it than send it back once you calculate the box discount. I have a couple of shirts in my closet now that I don’t LOVE, but that’s how the fix worked. There are all sorts of bloggers who post their fix as well (I’m a copy cat here, but if it increases my readership, I’ll do it!) but I always roll my eyes at the headline “THE TIME I KEPT THE WHOLE BOX” because I keep my whole box a lot! I’ve received a ton of cute stuff that I really like to wear! Maybe I’m not snarky or critical enough, but I am a working mom who wants to look polished and not think about her wardrobe. So Stitch Fix works for me. If you want to give it a try, you can use my referral link and check it out yourself!    https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3728017

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