The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

For the record, I didn’t buy this cookbook. It was a gift. People know how much I love cookbooks, so it’s generally a guarantee for a successful gift. And while I appreciate the book, I generally don’t buy magazine cookbooks. Some may think it’s more efficient this way – Better Homes and Gardens has this mastered with the impressive 20 book collection of recipes my mom has – but if I want a magazine recipe, I’ll read the magazine. I like the story behind it – tell me about the chef, what is the perfect event for the dish, what beautiful person with amazing photoshopping has prepared/created/eaten this – and the magazine cookbook doesn’t always provide the depth of background I’m interested in. So how did this become the book of the week, you ask? The boys. I sent Jeff in with C to pick out the cookbook, and C picked this one because it was red. We have a color theme happening in our house. Since C picked the book, I thought I’d like H pick the recipes. See if we learned something from last week. We did. She picked all desserts, save one – bolognese sauce with pasta. She will pick pasta with meat sauce…every. single. time. It’s her favorite. So I agreed to make the pasta, vetoed the rest of her choices, and made the selections myself. How did I do this week?

The Recipes
Proscuitto di Parma-Black Pepper Quesadillas with Rosemary Oil
Mint & Pea Hummus with Pita Bread
Sweet Corn Salad with Black Beans, Scallions, & Tomatoes
Ham, Pepper-Cheese, & Apple Tea Sandwiches
Sauteed Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes
Bolognese Sauce with Pasta
Banana-Papaya Salsa (I substituted mango.)

The Good
It was a really mixed bag this week. The tea sandwiches were a hit with H, the corn salad was given a thumbs up by C. He screamed “corn! I LOVE corn!” when he spied the salad for dinner. C also liked the chicken and tomato saute, but I think that was more about the spaghetti than the sauce. I heard good things about the banana-mango salsa at my “help me help you” party. The book is beautifully photographed (expected, with the magazine behind it) and there is a good variety of recipes. A few fancy showstoppers for entertaining (like the 12 layer chocolate cake recipe picked by H, vetoed by me) and some pretty simple every day stuff that just works. There is a lot of variety as different chefs are included throughout the book, so you can explore different flavors with one cookbook.

The Bad
My attitude, for one. I wasn’t thrilled about using this book and hadn’t even opened it prior to this week. Not even once. I burned the leeks for the minted pea hummus; tried to tell myself that the caramelized flavor would add sweetness to the final product and that was not the case. I had to make another batch as it was part of the appetizer plan for the “Help Me Help You” party. H insisted that I make the pasta bolognese, so I did – but I ended up freezing it because it was just too hot last week for a heavy sauce. I guess that’s not bad, per se, but it’s not really in the spirit of my project. See, there I go. Bad attitude.

The Ugly
The high pitched whine of “Why aren’t you making anything I picked You never do what I want to do!!!???” Ummm, because you picked 6 cakes, that’s why. C declaring that he LOVED the corn salad….and then picking the corn out, piece by piece, leaving the rest behind like road kill on his plate. Kids begging for a plain quesadilla and me realizing that I used red onion – on all of them. And the fruit flies that appeared in my sink after I neglected to rinse out the banana-mango salsa bowl. Yuck.

The Oprah Magazine Cookbook
Overall Rating – 3 out of 5 stars
This was a tougher one for me this week because my heart really wasn’t in it. Is this book just taking up space? Why do I have such a beef with it when I’ve never used it? Why do I have these feelings in the first place? Maybe I should have made the 6 cakes that H picked, but I struggled with food that was ok but not super great. The corn salad was good, but I like my regular one better. The pasta bolognese (of course I tasted it when it was done) will be a hit when it’s finally served, but is that enough to give the book a better rating? And while the quesadilla, minted pea hummus, and banana mango salsa were interesting, there wasn’t anything that I was REALLY into. I will make the tea sandwiches again, even if C picks them apart to only eat the ham. What can I say – the kid likes his food separated into parts.

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