I love cookbooks. I love to sit down in the morning with a cup of coffee, browse through the books, and think about what I want to cook for dinner. I arrange them by color, by usage, by cuisine, by however I shove them back on the shelf. I write notes in them, spill on them, cut out the pictures, and take them down the street to brainstorm dinner parties. I buy them in bookstores, order them on Amazon, and steal them from my parents. There are cookbooks on my shelf that serve as memories for trips I’ve taken and dinners I’ve shared.

My goal for 99Cookbooks is simply motivational – I want to take these cookbooks out for a REAL spin. No more window dressing – it’s time to put these books to the test. So each week I’ll choose a book and cook out of it all week. At least 5 recipes. From different chapters. And we’ll rate them. Then you can choose which books from my collection will find a place in yours.

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