End of Week ? I’ve Lost Track – But It’s Done!

We wrote the final check this morning – the kitchen renovation is officially done! We’ve had a few ups and downs through the process, but I can’t be happier with the final result. Our open, airy kitchen has the best of both worlds – a practical, organized work space for me to work my magic, and a beautiful space for our family to hang out. I just love it. Of course, we still have the installation of the gas fireplace insert on April 22, but since that’s a separate issue (and bill!) I’m going to rejoice in our new space.

Here’s the before and after. We made it! Let the cooking begin!

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End of Week 8: Tile and The Problem

The tile came in – and installation began 2 days early! That was pretty thrilling. Two weeks ago we repainted the walls based on the tile recommendations of Karen, the Tile Guru. She was nice enough to come to our house to “get a feel” before helping us find the right tile, and I appreciate that kind of effort. Of course, she was right – the Chelsea Gray is perfect, so we’ve been pretty pumped to see the tile. And….pre-grout, it is beautiful.  Continue reading

End of Week 7: Lighting

I’ve been pretty boastful about our deals on Amazon for the kitchen – after all, we’ve ordered a dishwasher, sink, faucet, and range vent with brilliant Prime delivery. So I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to order off of Houzz. Considering how much time I’ve spent collecting kitchen ideas and skipping the cost of an actual designer, I could at least throw a few retail dollars their way. Share the love? Continue reading

Start of Week 7: Still waiting and CFM drama

We’re in a holding pattern with the kitchen. We’ve picked out the tile, ordered the lights, and now we’re just waiting. The good news is that we’re finished painting and the kitchen is in heavy use, but it will be pretty great to get things finished off. While we’re waiting, we get to experience the next city inspection visit.

CFMs make me crazy. Continue reading

End of Week 5: Not Finished, But We’re Moving In

Now that the countertops are in, now we can finish what I’ve been REALLY waiting for – plumbing. The sink! The faucet. And water. Wonderful, wonderful water. After 5 weeks with no water in the kitchen, I’m grateful for the sink and won’t take it for granted again. I’ve actually been tinkering around with the idea of putting up a blingy, sparkly type pendent light above it, but that just may be the excitement talking. Having water means that I can actually COOK.   Continue reading

Week 5: Customer Service with a British Accent

One of the exciting parts of this week was the installation of the range. The beautiful blue stars for my range would light up! Better yet, it would be out of the living room. I had a few late meetings on Wednesday, so I rushed home to check out the oven. And it looked good. Really good. The kids were excited too….until I went ballistic about them touching ANYTHING on the stove. Talk about ineffective. As soon as I said “don’t touch anything on the range. It makes fire. It’s for mommy ONLY” they immediately began the game of “what about this?” Touching the handle. “What about this?” Touching the oven glass. “What about this?” Touching the piece of paper of installation directions wrapped around the oven handle. I admit, I could have handled that better. I was ready to start chopping for the roasted vegetables that I’ve been dreaming about, so I opened the oven to take a look. DISASTER. Continue reading

End of Week 5: Countertops

This was a REALLY good week. I was worried it would go slow waiting until Thursday – THURSDAY – for the counters to come in, but it moved really fast! We didn’t have school on Monday for President’s Day, so I painted, painted, painted. Of course, after painting the trim I decided that I didn’t like the paint after all, so I still have more painting in my future. But that’s what spring break is for. The only heat I’ll be feeling this spring break is when I crank up the 22K BTUs on my range. Boil, baby, boil.

But on to the main issue. Countertops. Continue reading