Start of Week 7: Still waiting and CFM drama

We’re in a holding pattern with the kitchen. We’ve picked out the tile, ordered the lights, and now we’re just waiting. The good news is that we’re finished painting and the kitchen is in heavy use, but it will be pretty great to get things finished off. While we’re waiting, we get to experience the next city inspection visit.

CFMs make me crazy. Continue reading

Start of Week 4: When Delivering Bad News, Always Have Good News

I can tell that Bob the Builder has been in the business for a while. When I mention things in passing, he files them away until the time is right. Things like “when will we be able to move the appliances out of the living room?” and “we can’t wait to see the vent installed” and “wow,┬áthis looks great. Will it be done tomorrow?” (That last one was a joke, but I still said it. Out loud.) Continue reading