Cold Press Coffee

I may mock a lot of hipster trends, but I’m a believer in cold press coffee. I’ve been playing around with different ways of doing it, and while I’ll keep tinkering, I highly recommend that you try it at home. Considering that a delicious “crafted press” at Caribou will set you back $3.50, it’s worth it to try a little home brew. Biggest thing to remember – it takes a bit of planning. If you’re running short on time, hit the drive through.

This is what I do.

1. Grind the beans. You could always go with the bagged stuff, but I think it’s better with a fresh grind. An eye opener for cold press is that it takes A LOT of coffee to get the concentrate. Rather than perfectly measure it all out, I just grind a batch on the largest amount for my grinder on a course setting. It’s almost 4 ounces, and since the french press ratio I originally tried was roughly 4.5, I just reduced the amount of water by half a cup.

2. Dump the beans in the french press, add 3 cups of water, and give it a good stir. It’s like a think coffee slurry at this point. Cover it and walk away. Ideal brew is anywhere between 12-24 hours; I lean more into the 18-24 hour mark.

3. Press the coffee, pour through an additional filter (this can take a little while, but unless you like a little grit in your joe, it’s worth the time) and then you have the coffee concentrate.

4. Fill your glass with ice, fill it about halfway with concentrate, and cut it with milk, water, half and half (only if you have a metabolism like my brother) or  if it’s your birthday, sweetened condensed milk. I generally add a tiny bit of simple syrup to my cold press – and start your day with a smile.

Inspired by….
Blue Bottle Coffee – this is where I started reading about it. It’s pretty hard core, but I appreciate the passion. I don’t have a fultron, and since it was a 6 week wait on Amazon, I decided to move on.
Chow – a food community basic. Pretty simple recipe, and scaled for a french press. Time to pull mine out of the closet.
The Kitchn – this is one of my regular food blogs, so I looked at this one too. It’s a single serving ratio, so if you’re gun shy, start here.
And because I know a lot of people like The Pioneer Woman, you can read an abbreviated version on the Food Network. It’s great for large scale ratios. You can always check out her full description on her official website, “come to mama” and all, but you can find that on your own. It’s a bit much for me.

Do you have a favorite way to start your day? Let me know in the comments below!

End of Week ? I’ve Lost Track – But It’s Done!

We wrote the final check this morning – the kitchen renovation is officially done! We’ve had a few ups and downs through the process, but I can’t be happier with the final result. Our open, airy kitchen has the best of both worlds – a practical, organized work space for me to work my magic, and a beautiful space for our family to hang out. I just love it. Of course, we still have the installation of the gas fireplace insert on April 22, but since that’s a separate issue (and bill!) I’m going to rejoice in our new space.

Here’s the before and after. We made it! Let the cooking begin!

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End of Week 8: Tile and The Problem

The tile came in – and installation began 2 days early! That was pretty thrilling. Two weeks ago we repainted the walls based on the tile recommendations of Karen, the Tile Guru. She was nice enough to come to our house to “get a feel” before helping us find the right tile, and I appreciate that kind of effort. Of course, she was right – the Chelsea Gray is perfect, so we’ve been pretty pumped to see the tile. And….pre-grout, it is beautiful.  Continue reading

End of Week 5: Not Finished, But We’re Moving In

Now that the countertops are in, now we can finish what I’ve been REALLY waiting for – plumbing. The sink! The faucet. And water. Wonderful, wonderful water. After 5 weeks with no water in the kitchen, I’m grateful for the sink and won’t take it for granted again. I’ve actually been tinkering around with the idea of putting up a blingy, sparkly type pendent light above it, but that just may be the excitement talking. Having water means that I can actually COOK.   Continue reading

Week 3: Cabinets

This was a big week. I practically squealed with glee when Bob the Builder left a message that the cabinets would be installed a day early – the same day our shiny new range would be delivered. And Amazon was delivering our faucet! THREE things in one day! After a few days of little to no activity, I could barely contain my excitement. (To be honest, I didn’t.) Continue reading