The Healthy Green Drink Diet

Earth Day was on April 22, so I thought it would be fun to select a “green” cookbook. The top 3 choices included a healthy cookbook, a green juice cookbook, and a Rick Bayless cookbook with a green cover. H looked through all three and selected the green juice book, primarily because I limit her juice intake and she looked at this as an opportunity for more juice. Or so she thought!

We bought a juicer about 4 months after Jeff and I married and moved to Minnesota. With the abundance of apples and fall orchard festivals in Minnesota, we thought it would be fun to have fresh apple juice. It was heavily used for about 2 weeks, and then it had a prime location on the shelf for the next 4 years. Two years ago, I became curious about juicing and decided it was a good time for a juicing detox, so I pulled out the juicer and ordered this book on Amazon. Of course, I didn’t actually make anything out of it until this week.

The Recipes
Rad-ish Radish
Popeye Punch
Green King
Red Queen
Beetle Juice
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