Hellenic Lamb Burgers with Eggplant Feta Salad

I couldn’t believe the response my kids had to this burger. I’ll have to make it again just to make sure it’s legitimate. I served it up with some local naan that a friend gave me for my birthday – and it was really good. Toasted pita pockets would also be good – but skip a bready bun. It’s too much for this tasty guy. Italicized comments are my own.

Hellenic Lamb Burgers with Eggplant Feta Salad
from The Big Burger Book, Jane Murphy and Liz Yeh Singh
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The Big Burger Book

Summertime means burgers. And my family LOVES hamburgers. So I thought it would be perfect to do the burger book right before Memorial Day weekend – the official kick off for summer. The kids were thrilled. They thought that meant cheeseburgers every day. Preferably with a free toy. Little did they know what I was really going to do!

I picked up this cookbook about 10 years ago when my brother was living with me in Kansas City. My brother loves burgers. He’s made a science around making the perfect burger. And since I can’t beat him with the classics, I thought I’d defeat him with creativity. When I saw this book on the $5 table at Barnes and Noble, it was a no brainer. But I really didn’t capitalize on the book until this week – it sat dormant on the shelf. Ready to see how it (or me!) performed?

The Recipes
Classic Beef Burgers
Kick-Ass Ketchup
Chicken Satay Burgers with Peanut Sauce
Spicy Cucumber Salad
Sloppy Joes
Mushroom Goat Cheese Burgers
Sun Dried Tomato Chutney
Honey Whole Wheat with Seeds
Hellenic Lamb Burgers
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