Week 5: Customer Service with a British Accent

One of the exciting parts of this week was the installation of the range. The beautiful blue stars for my range would light up! Better yet, it would be out of the living room. I had a few late meetings on Wednesday, so I rushed home to check out the oven. And it looked good. Really good. The kids were excited too….until I went ballistic about them touching ANYTHING on the stove. Talk about ineffective. As soon as I said “don’t touch anything on the range. It makes fire. It’s for mommy ONLY” they immediately began the game of “what about this?” Touching the handle. “What about this?” Touching the oven glass. “What about this?” Touching the piece of paper of installation directions wrapped around the oven handle. I admit, I could have handled that better. I was ready to start chopping for the roasted vegetables that I’ve been dreaming about, so I opened the oven to take a look. DISASTER. Continue reading